Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Anniversary Today :-)

Today is our wedding aniiversary and the 6th anniversary at that.

6 blissful years!!!! how soon they passed !!!!

The day in itself is special to both of us.

and this year it is even extra special... :-)

We didnt plan anything great for this special day. Both of us had offices to attend. But yes both of us did give their individual set of friends a treat.

We think one of the two exciting things that happened today were the cards exchange.

Shraddha this time had a little treasure hunt for cards organised. When Krishna went for his bath, she arranged the cards such that he could have a lively treasure hunt.

The first card of placed on the bed. It had a nice little fridge magnet and on the envelope was the clue to the next card

"Where Shall I hang this?
You get the next card aft tis!!!"

Krishna answered in a jiffy and rushed to the refrigerator. There he found the next card in a golden envelope.

The clue here said

"Same of this colour, the items we have;
Where do we keep them, There do you drive !! "

"This is easy" Says Krishna and rushed to the locker. He opened it and found the next card cum clue

" Safe of our own, safe as this lock,
Where do I hide this key bunch,
Where is the stock? "

So off when Krish to the pillow. and he found the other card and yup the clue. :-)

"My Fav Hobby , What is that?
The next one's there rat-a- tat"

That surely meant the book shelf. As he fished the fifth card out from amidst the books, he read

" U Search and U search, but you dont find it,
In the most obvious place, this one,
last but not the least"

Now this ones a tough nut!!!!

It was a joy to see krish search high and low, right and left !!! But still no card!!!!

neways Shraddha gave a hint " Its not in the house" and off she went for her bath.

In this time, krishna arranged her cards. and when she came out there ... she found one on her saree and another in the saree!! and then another on her jewellery box and then another in the book she was reading and yet another in her key drawer and ofcourse another in her purse.

and later when she opened the card door, there was a lovely bouquet of flowers on her seat!!!!
Gosh her happiness knew no bounds!!! it was such a happy sight!!!

The day thus started wonderfully.

Krishna's mom and dad had come over for the new year and MIL dear prepared "Sanjori" a special Konkani Sweet.

So dressed in new outfits, the jolly couple made their way to their respective offices.

Come afternoon, Shraddha had yet to keep the last card in the lot. While her other friends waited for her at "Charcoal", she went to the HP parking lot and using her spare car key deposited the last (but not the least) card on the driver seat along with a small present.

and the off she went to treat her friends.

After the individual treats were done with, both Shraddha and Krishna left their offices and went off for a jolly walk on the MG road.

Of course the intended destination was the Portrait Kiosk. After having sketched couple portrait, both walked hand in hand back to the car.

AND Imagine Krishna's surprise when he saw a giant sized card on the seat!!!

This surely was a day of surprises and happiness.

ANY one out there ... who can tell us why this anniversary was special?

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